Will Reebok See The Light of Day Again?

You might have read the title of this thinking of the revival of some brands like FILA, Champion or maybe New Balance, whom with some great colors, even better collaborations, have seen itself rise in the past 2 years or so. 

Well, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

But the question stands are, "Moon, are you sure?"

Actually. No. I'm not. Hear me out though.

Reebok has history too. It's history in sports and hip hop. Most notably in basketball, where we saw the big fella Shaq and Allen Iverson have their own signature sneakers. 

Outside the court? The Bok was looking to collaborate with G-Unit and Jay-Z. Releasing the G6 and S. Carter, respectively. 

All this combined with some league deals with the NFL and NBA, saw Nike's biggest revival, Adidas, cash in and acquire the company for $3.5 Billion USD in 2005. 

Fast forward to 2021, well it hasn't been such fortunes for Adidas as they might have thought. Today, Adidas are considering selling Reebok and it's present day evaluation? 2.5 billion.

Don't get me wrong. In. 2020, we saw Reebok pump out some life with the collaborations like Pyer Moss, KANGHYUK, BBC Ice Cream, and even a Kobe PE inspired color way. So they might be heading in the right direction already.

Lining up for talks to buy are; Anta, Master P (who is no rookie in making investments and even the shoe game have starting his own luxury black owned sneaker brand) combined with Baron Davis (former NBA All-Star and of the infamous Class of 1999 which also included the likes of Kobe Bryant) and VF Corporation, who just wrapped up purchasing legendary streetwear brand, Supreme in the back end of $2.1 billion.

Alright so, when will it get good for Reebok!? If it is bought out, there's going to some fresh air and glimmer of hope. Like a failing team getting a new head coach. In my opinion, if Master P and Baron Davis take control of Reebok it would be history. Putting, two successful people of color behind a historic brand, would cause a storm and have everyone keeping a close eye. 

Pushing to be a part of lifestyle/streetwear again, new collaborations and being a lifeline for people of color to get into the fashion industry or just business in general, we could see Reebok become a house hold name soon enough. Even trying to resurrect the place it held in sports it had before.

Like I said 2020 was a start, who knows what 2021 holds.


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